Chicken-heads, staircases, and anti-war

Featuring Chris Plavidal

Photographer Chris Plavidal is a person who says what he means and means what he says. He photographs realistic situations and in this particular series, he shares what is significant to him. Some of them are in response to current events.



“The chickens are my little ladies. Pepper, Disco, and Blanche have been working hard laying eggs, so I thought it would be fun to do their portraits along with the fruits of their labor.”


The crumbling past…

“The steps were commissioned by Shannon Wynne. He wanted to document the remnants of the old neighborhood that used to exist in The Cedars in South Dallas. The Cedars was once a very affluent area which bordered the old City Park. the neighborhood was once home to Dallas’ Jewish community, and was dotted with beautiful, ornate Victorian mansions. Now none of that survives except for the large crumbling staircases that once led up to a huge house. Soon this entire area will be redeveloped and there will be no sign that this neighborhood ever existed. To attempt to preserve this memory, I shot as many of the remaining steps that I could find.”


Frozen Hand-grenades

“The hand grenades frozen in ice is another project of my own. The heated war rhetoric from our government and our president in particular is alarming. These images are my attempt to cool it down.”


Anti-nazi posters

“The guy in the helmet pics is a project I did for myself. This image is an homage to a famous anti-Nazi poster that was made back during WW2. I did this series in the wake of the Charlottesville riot, and is a warning to be vigilant against racism and hatred in America.”