sisbro mgmt photo by Samantha Jane Beatty


By Samantha Jane

When Sisterbrother MGMT began, founder Jennifer Dunn brought Samantha Jane Beatty (then, Collie!) into the circle as an intern. Few of us have seen Sisterbrother through every evolution of the agency – but Sam has. As Dunn grew the roster, Beatty grew right alongside her – eventually taking on the stylist division for seven years all the while nurturing a personal passion for photography.

In early 2016, Beatty made the decision to strike out on her own to pursue photography full time and finds herself, again, in a new position in the Sisterbrother family. What has emerged is a unique point of view and a beautiful array of imagery from her lens. Sisterbrother MGMT is so excited to welcome Samantha Jane as an addition to our artist family on the photographer roster.

Here you will find her most recent series entitled Faces inspired by the minimalism of 90s-era Jil Sanders’ campaigns. Beatty says of the series, “I wanted to showcase the variety of interesting faces we have locally. I plan to do another series in the future, with non-models.”

Stay tuned, that means there is more exciting work to come!

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