“The Revolution Will Be Streamed” photography by Darren Braun

Government Executive Magazine
July/August 2014

“The Revolution Will Be Streamed!” proclaims this story Darren photographed for Government Executive Magazine.

Government Executive July August 2014 Photography by Darren Braun

It is forecasted “that there will be 50 billion machine-to-machine devices in existence by 2020.” The article delves into how that affects government related communications, monitoring and sharing…or not sharing…that information with the public. Citizen policing. Public crowdsourcing in times of disaster.

Darren will be prepared for any of it.

We had to source Hazmat suits and could only buy them in bulk with short notice…. so i’m ready for the apocalypse.

Read the story here.

Darren Braun for Government Executive Mag Photo by Darren Braun