“Icy Hot” FD August 2014

Photographs by Chris Plavidal
Styling by Brittany Winter

When Chris and Brittany team up, the results are always inventive concepts coming to life in clever, stylish ways. For August’s FD issue, the two created visuals for “fifteen things so hot they need cooling down…”

Photo by Chris Plavidal Chris Plavidal photography Styling by Brittany Winter FD August 2014 Icy Hot story

What was the most difficult shot to pull off from the photographer and stylist perspective?

CHRIS : The middle finger emoji popcicle. They were not too sure if the magazine would allow a middle finger to be shown. So we were asked to shoot it, but to make it obscure so you couldn’t see it. Of course, you still had to see it enough to know what it was. But you couldn’t see it – but you still had to see it.  Tricky…

Middle Finger in Popsicle photo by Chris Plavidal

BRITTANY : The frame – because I had to drill out the center. Also, the speaker was big, so it took awhile to freeze. That was done later in the day on the last day to make sure it was frozen!

Frame in Ice styled by Brittany Winter Chris Plavidal and Brittany Winter for FD

Insider secrets to working with frozen items or at least making them look frozen?

CHRIS : A nice-sized freezer does the trick! And cool people…

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