Meet the Fam

Our Artists Are Our Family.

Hello. We are Sisterbrother Mgmt.

We are multitudes but here are some helpful hints to break it down: 7 Photographers. 4  Stylists. 2 Hair + Makeup Artists. 11 Assistants. In-house production. Location Services. Resources and resourceful, we budget the job, build the job and assemble the dream team.

Meet our agency team and artists below…

Owner and operator of Sisterbrother MGMT in Dallas, Texas


Agency Director | Photographer Rep.

Sister. Visionary, Naturalist Specialty: Head of Household

As founder and director of Sisterbrother MGMT, Jennifer guides her agency with an ethos of family while nurturing our artists to their best work.

“Put your canoe in the river, y’all. Just put it in the river.”


Director of Operations | Stylist Rep.

Multi-faceted. Multi-disciplined. No nonsense. Okay, some Nonsense. “Ideas are better on the outside.”

Office assistant at Sisterbrother MGMT in Dallas, Texas


Agency + Assistant Stylist Rep. | Licensing Contact

Chic. Attentive. Detailed. Specialty: Family Mediation As agency rep, Jena helps with everything from marketing to office management and all in between. Jena works closely with assistant stylist to meet stylist and client needs.

Photographer at Sisterbrother MGMT in Dallas, Texas



Anthropological. Eloquent. Frank. Specialty: Architecture, Still life, Portraits. Casey Dunn is a top architectural, interior and travel photographer in the Southwest and beyond. From portraits to still life– be prepared to see your subject anew. Hooked on the craft from a young age, Dunn only gets better with time. “Beyond the fact that I am an architecture enthusiast, my eye is simply drawn to its tenets– form, dimension, mass, and pattern.” VIEW CASEY’S WORK



Fresh. Coy. Bizarre Specialty: Art, Design, Multi-media, Fashion. Molly Dickson combines a high-end edge and a sexy, youthful confidence. Striking compositions and surreal color stories are highlights of Dickson’s work from advertising to editorial. Known for her stop-motion work, Dickson truly delivers images that move and move you. “Having a fundamental point of view is important. I’m inspired by experimentation and the desire to create something new.” VIEW MOLLY’S WORK



Tangible. Detailed. Alternative. Specialty: Still Life, Edibles, Angles, Arrangements. Chris Plavidal makes the ordinary extraordinary and the luxurious even more extravagant. Arresting still images of fashion, architecture, jewelry, beauty, food & drink– if it’s standing still, Chris can bring it to life.     VIEW CHRIS’ WORK

Photographer at Sisterbrother MGMT in Dallas, Texas



Humble. Passionate. Versatile. Specialty: Lifestyle, Fashion, Portraits, Dancers, Children. An original roster member. A drummer, a father, a husband. In the Sisterbrother family, Steve Visneau is a passionate brother. A photographer who never stops shooting and makes it all about the people. “The act of shooting and creating keeps me going.” VIEW STEVEN’S WORK

Lee Young


Traveler. Music Lover. Documentation. Specialty: Portraits, Environs, Travel, Live Performance. Jackie Lee Young is a photographer who specializes in travel wit a specific focus on interiors + exteriors. Young’s images not only focus on space but also bold contrasts in both color and location. Add a heavy dash of live music, you can always find her side stage.   VIEW JACKIE’S WORK



Eccentric. Diverse. Androgynous. Specialty: Fashion, Beauty, Products, Portraits, Documentation. Samantha Jane Beatty is thoughtful behind the lens as she carves out a niche for her distinctive point of view. Soulful imagery that captures the story behind the shot and the moments that connect. Campaigns, portraits and still life work all benefit from that Beatty timing.   VIEW SAM’S WORK



Minimal. Futuristic. Nomadic. Specialty: Interior, Simplicity, Scenarios. Lisa Petrole specializes in interior design, architectural, and lifestyle photography. A perfect match to boundary pushers and innovators– Petrole seeks to match the level of craftsmanship and vision in all her subjects and bring that to the shot.   VIEW LISA’S WORK


Prop Stylists, Sets + Interiors

Architectural. edited. instinctive. Specialty: Lifestyle, Spaces, Props, Food. Adam Fortner is a stylist by way of art direction with a focus on architecture, interiors and conceptual still life design. Resourceful, imaginative and effervescent along the way – it’s all part of the path to a singular shot. “I love what exists just outside the frame” VIEW ADAM’S WORK

Style assistant at Sisterbrother MGMT in Dallas, Texas


Wardrobe Stylist

Inspired. Ethereal. Empathetic. Specialty: Editorial, Advertising, Fashion. Wardrobe stylist, Rachel Hunt brings equal parts elegance and ease to all of her work. When you need that special recipe for effortlessness when it is anything but, relaxed, but with every detail tended too. Don’t worry about mixed messages, Hunt will bring it all together.   VIEW RACHEL’S WORK


Prop + Wardrobe Stylist, Interios

Evocative. Elegant. Perceptive. Specialty: Interior, Lifestyle, Editorial, Still Life. Sara Oswalt brings a well-trained and well-traveled eye to set. Fashion with a distinctive edge, evocative lifestyle work, and pristine interiors are hallmarks of her proficiency.     VIEW SARA’S WORK

Stylist at Sisterbrother MGMT in Dallas, Texas


Prop + Wardrobe Stylist, Event Activation, Art Direction

Curious. Whimsical. Surreal. Specialty: Still life, Cosmetics, Accessories, Fashion, 3-Dimensional Design. Brittany is an accomplished stylist who brings a curatorial edge to every concept she touches whether it be still life, wardrobe or interior work. Art Direction, shot strategy and event production are among the distinctive tricks she has up her creative sleeve. “I’m lucky to work with people that will get weird with me and try things outside the box.”   VIEW BRITTANY’S WORK


Hair and Make-up

Sharp. Free-Spirited. Hilarious. Specialty: Fashion, Runway, Editorial, Advertising. “Do you want to look good? Or do you want to look great?” Gabby always poses the question, but she sees the greatness in every subject and the potential of every campaign– before anyone could answer.   VIEW GABBY’S WORK

Assists the stylist on set at Sisterbrother MGMT in Dallas, Texas


Assistant Stylist

Reliable. Badass. Curator

Style assistant at Sisterbrother MGMT in Dallas, Texas


Assistant Stylist

Natural. Organic. Simple. “Belong to where you are.”


Assistant Stylist

Dedicated. Fluid. Conceptual “Artists are people driven by the tension between the desire to communicate and the desire to hide.” – D.D. Winnicott


Assistant Stylist

Timeless. Smart. Mystical.


Assistant Stylist

Honest. Fun. Vibrant. “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” – Pablo Picasso


Assistant Stylist

Confident. Intuitive. Efficient.


Assistant Stylist

Unconventional. Natural. Individualist. Specialty: Patterns and forms. “Clarity is the most important thing.”

(Scrappy) Miller

Assistant Stylist

Vibrant. Down-to-earth. Sentimental. Specialty: Plants, Animals, Colors, Play-doh. “There are smiley faces everywhere. Look for them!”