Meet The Family featuring producer Stephanie M. Casey

Stephanie supports the business end of things as an in-house producer. Her varied media career spans both coasts, motion pictures, music, fashion and online media. Always developing something or other creatively, this is her story…

I guess my creative media life took hold with high school photography classes. There was no digital then, it was all film and darkrooms. But I was more interested in movies. At 18, I hopped on a plane to attend film school at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.

I worked my way through university with assistant jobs at commercial production and post-production houses. Between my junior and senior years, I was hired as an assistant editor on a Bill Moyers PBS series which I took a semester off to complete. The following spring I crammed in the rest of my requirements and finished school.

After graduation, I worked on another Moyers project then met David Mamet’s film editor while covering for her assistant who had to go on leave for a few weeks. That editor hired me for her next project, an HBO film with pulitzer-prize winning director James Lapine, which took me to a cutting room at the top floor of the Brill Building in Times Square, doubled my salary and got me into the motion picture editor’s union! Other films were cutting around us so when I decided to move to Los Angeles soon after to pursue more feature film work, I had connections.

Those connections got me stints on HBO projects, an episode of NYPD Blue then a gig on The Wedding Planner. After that, it was a rush of movie sets, studio lots, soundstages, celebrities, international flights for screenings, Garry Marshall, M. Night Shyamalan – I didn’t stop working until I crumpled into an exhausted heap about 7 years later.

Stephanie M. Casey was a Hollywood Film Editor
A photo I took on the set of Freaky Friday
Stephanie Casey Film Career - Lady in the Water
I worked in an era where we shot on film then edited with digital and real film, simultaneously. This is a photo I took during work on an M. Night Shyamalan film called Lady in the Water.
Hollywood Soundstage recording a film score
A photo I snapped while we were recording the score for a Miramax film
I worked on Raising Helen and Princess Diaries 2 with Garry Marshall. Sneak a peek of me as a princess in PD2. Tiara and pajamas! Ha
I worked on Raising Helen and Princess Diaries 2 with Garry Marshall. Sneak a peek of me as a princess in PD2. Tiara and pajamas! Ha
At the end of Princess Diaries 2, we made a band for the wrap party. I played guitar and sang along with Julie Andrews, Anne Hathaway, Chris Pine, Garry Marshall and few others from the crew!
At the end of Princess Diaries 2, we made a wrap party crew band. I played guitar and sang along with Julie Andrews, Anne Hathaway, Chris Pine, Garry Marshall and few others from the crew!

The last couple years on movies I’d taught myself to play guitar during downtime on studio lots and had started performing. So, my next adventure was selling my house overlooking Los Angeles and high tailing it up to Portland for a few years. There, I totally pulled a Portlandia and “retired at 30” financing myself to make music and tour.

Stephanie Casey music daysPerforming with the Portland Cello Project

Then…the recession really hit hard and the music money was gone because of digital takeover.  It was clear I was not going to be able to make a living and I was over Portland. So, I headed back to my hometown of Dallas…never thinking I’d stay. That was in 2008!

I started my new Dallas life as a volunteer at a big cat sanctuary cleaning tiger’s cages and serving as the facility’s media director. Then I got a desk job at Neiman Marcus Corporate as producer for their creative online department. I’d never had a day job before and I always joke that Neiman’s was my first and last one. To entertain myself during this two-year “cubicle era,” I created a style blog called Those Tricks when that phenomenon first started. I was obsessed with thrifting & resale and the blog was my main creative outlet at the time so I had fun with it.

Thrifty Style Blog Art Dallas style blog Those Tricks Stephanie Style Blog Artwork

When I quit Neiman’s and started networking around to freelance, I fortuitously bumped into Sisterbrother. SisBro invoices had crossed my desk at Neiman’s so when Sam’s LinkedIn scrolled in front of my face, I reached out. It turned out Sisterbrother needed some part-time help with skills I could provide and I was only looking for something with minimal commitment hours. It was kismet.

I started off handling part of the social media and taking some job processing onus off of Jenn. Eventually I took on much more and became more embedded in the company’s overall business operations.

I am constantly amazed at how perfect the match with SisBro has been. It can’t be overstated what a calm, sure leader Jenn is. We’ve refined systems, as a team, and in the time I’ve been there the roster has nearly doubled and we continue to grow (most recently expanding to Austin). It’s fun to be a part of.

Sisterbrother Management staff and artists 2015

Being among artists and crafters as we all bloom, change and produce has always been part of my career. The images created by the SisBro roster are continued inspiration as is helping to run Sisterbrother’s operations, as a whole.

The time I spend on and at SisBro is flexible so I am able to work on other projects (a current main one is Real Fine Food) and with other clients (see my consulting company Lovage Inc.). And one of the SisBro photographers, Steve Visneau, and I have a music project with Shawn Magill called Pool Lights!

Lovage Inc Consulting Pool Lights Music Site Real Fine Food website

Sisterbrother came along at just the right time in my life offering perfect-balance stability with people I like and respect. As I continue to chase my dreams, it still does that. For which I am very grateful.

Last Thought?

I can’t remember who said this to me but it’s great general advice…”People like working with people who make their job easier and don’t like working with people who make their job harder.” And also…go for it. You’ve got one life to live. Live it!!

Enjoying Kauai ✌

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