Moon Fever

by photographer Samantha Jane

Moon Fever, featured online in Jute Magazine’s webitorials, embodies all that is Sailor Moon. This story, captured by Sisterbrother photographer Samantha Jane, styled by Stephanie Moore, with hair & makeup by Jo Franco, creates a coquettishly fun IT-girl feel. H&MU stylist, Jo Franco,  shares that they were “inspired by the fashion industry and the themes behind the magical girl genre in Anime and manga.” The trio “wanted to mix current Japanese and Korean street wear and beauty trends along with their love for magical girl tv shows and what they represented; the celebration of how kick ass girls can really be.”



PHOTOGRAPHER: Samantha Jane @Samanthajanecreative
STYLIST: Stephanie Moore @steviegolightly
H&MUA: Jo Franco @jofrancoartistry
ASSISTANT: Michaela Lew @micahlew_
MODELS: Britton @wallflowermgmt / Haley Halter @kimdawsonagency / Kristin Parks @campbellmodels / Lani Baker @kimdawsonagency / Mary Tish Phillips @dragonflyagency