On ‘Hangry’ Prevention

Featuring Molly Dickson

Even Californians crush on our Tex-mex flavor, to the point where they got serious and opened up a new Garrett Leight California Optical store in Dallas!

Sister, Molly Dickson and illustrator, Blake Wright(eous) have found the solution for ‘hangry’ prevention! Blake features some Dallas tex-mex restaurants that will both satisfy your hunger and quench your thirst in his article Tacos and Tierras.  Paired with Molly Dickson’s eye for food, you may be inspired to go out and treat yourself to a margarita and tacos on your lunch break (after salivating all over your keyboard). Or better yet, you can opt to have happy hour after work and Uber home (safety. first). Or invite a non-alcoholic date since the food alone is enough to entice them to come…there’s always options.

You can even get a T-shirt. Blake was the perfect model for Mia’s and had no problem doing so since, “…the margarita is solid. it’s refreshing, heavy on the tequila, and ain’t too sweet. what is sweet is their baseball t-shirt, which reads, “if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”

El Bolero is said to be “a touch more upscale. but in all the right ways…they specialize in seafood, so don’t shy away from the lobster queso, lump-crab guacamole, or lobster fajitas.”

For original, old school, Tex-Mex there are some places that survived gentrification, for instance, Pepe’s & Mito’s Mexican Cafe; “the deep ellum neighborhood has seen a lot of change through the years, but this spot ain’t one of em.”

And as Blake reminds us, “i would be remiss in running my mouth about TEX MEX without acknowledging it’s predecessor: MEX. ” Where Tacos Mariachi is one of the originals.