“Private Lives” Photographed by Steven Visneau

FD February 2015

Steven Visneau collaborated with Christina Geyer of FD to capture a selection of Dallas’s notable power couples. The couples offer valuable insight into how they make their lasting relationships work. Below are a few random snippets of successful-couplehood advice and Steven discusses his experience on this project.

“You have to keep talking…”
“He is my first priority, period.”
“We try to give each other room to be ourselves, too.”
“Listen to each other.”

This project was presented to me by Christina Geyer from FD magazine. Inspired by the portraits Richard Avedon took one Sunday afternoon, his shots were of the Kennedy’s at their compound in Palm Beach. Avedon shot on a white seamless creating intimate and telling portraits of a new President and his family.

My photos of these Dallas power couples were shot at my studio. I took the opportunity to get to know the couples for a bit then we sat, shot and just let them be couples on set. It went so well that we ended up adding two additional couples for the issue.

FD Power Couples cover story Private Lives, portraits by Steve Visneau BEHIND THE SCENES, the set Portrait of Ron Kirk with his wife

Selection of FD Interview…MATRICE ELLIS-KIRK and RON KIRK

What’s your best advice for couples?
RON : Enjoy the ride. Be flexible.
MATRICE : Get to know your spouse as a friend…and, for goodness sake, don’t create drama where there is none!

Power Couples in Dallas, FD Cover story

Selection of FD Interview…BRIAN BOLKE and FASIAL HALUM

Describe married life so far.
BRIAN : Chaotic Bliss.
FAISAL : I prefer to refer to him as my “life assistant.”

Film contact sheet

This was a cool assignment. I made some new friends, was given advice and laughed a lot. Insight to how truly successful, loving couples get along was flowing. I shot black and white film along with digital format. The digital files were chosen for printing but I adore the film contact sheets.

real film!Dallas Power Couples photographed by Steven Visneau

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