Black and white photo of woman standing by a vintage taxi outside of Urban Outfitters

Promo Photography for Mockingbird Station Winter / Spring 2015

Photography by Molly Dickson
Fashion Styling by Stephanie Quadri
Hair + Make-Up Styling by Gabby Rosenberg

Sisterbrother talent is responsible for the NYC-inspired fashion photography adorning the buildings, banners and ephemera of Mockingbird Station at the moment! It’s not often you get to see your work printed multiple stories high.  Photographer Molly Dickson, fashion stylist Stephanie Quadri and hair + make up stylist Gabby Rosenberg worked together on site to produce the imagery taking the Dallas shopping, dining and living center into Spring.

Photo by Molly Dickson Banner photography by Molly Dickson Molly Dickson at work on Location at Mockingbird Station shot4_8_RGB Giant Printing of Molly Dickson photo Valet Sign at Mockingbird Station, photo by Molly Dickson
photo assistant Kalan Briggs with photographer Molly Dickson
photo assistant Kalan Briggs with photographer Molly Dickson
Molly Dickson Photography Photography by Molly Dickson at Mockingbird Station in Dallas
stylist Stephanie Quadri, photographer Molly Dickson, hair + make up stylist Gabbby Rosenberg
Mockingbird Station shopping Center, Dallas, Texas
Photographer Molly Dickson "poppin' trunks" during the shoot.
Photographer Molly Dickson “poppin’ trunks” during the shoot.

PHOTOGRAPHY : Molly Dickson
STYLING : Stephanie Quadri
HAIR + MAKE UP : Gabby Rosenberg
ASST STYLING : Elizabeth Farrell
TECH : Michael Clouser
PHOTO ASST : Kalan Briggs