“Queen of Heart” FD December 2013

Photography by Richard Krall
Styling by Brittany Winter and Stephanie Quadri

“Is she madly in love — or just mad?”

Photographer Richard Krall worked with an impressive team to create the FDLuxe wedding feature Queen of Heart. Sisterbrother stylists Brittany Winter, Stephanie Quadri and assistant stylist Elizabeth Farrell were also on the crew along with Shane Monden (hair & make-up).

Richard discusses how this winter white world came about…

photo by Richard Krall

The idea for ‘Queen of Hearts’ came from the folks at FDLuxe via our producer, Christina Geyer. Though I don’t recall Louis XVI being mentioned specifically, the look and style of that period began to take shape.

Styling by Brittany Winter

My inspiration was an appreciation of that era.
Attempting to create something reminiscent of it.
And, it meant we would be working in studio and constructing a set… something I like doing.

Wedding fantasy photo by Richard Krall

When you build a set for a shoot, it has a tendency to take on a cinematic quality. And I love building sets (or shooting great locations).

Photography by Richard Krall

I think it might have to do with my art training as a painter and the influences I had coming into photography. Working with Guy Bourdin, Helmut Newton and a few other photographic icons in the 80’s had a definite effect on me. I adopted a more crafted and classic style from them where there was a lot of attention given to not just the model but the environment she was in.

Sisterbrother Management fashion styling

It’s not just a pretty girl on a seamless background.

No, it definitely is not that.

This was the first time Sisterbrother stylist Stephanie Quadri had the chance to collaborate with Richard.

I loved getting to go a bit crazy with this shoot for the gowns…the bigger the better.

Fantasy wedding photography

An element of fantasy was involved and it allowed us to exercise our creativity.

Styled by Brittany Winter and Stephanie Quadri Richard Krall is a fashion photographer in Dallas

We had several pre-planning meetings and one group meeting to be sure we were all on the same page. It’s always a collaboration and we had a team full of talented people for this shoot.


A behind-the-scenes video: