SBM Sister at SXSW

Jackie Lee Young on Photography

Another wild and fun year of SXSW has come and gone in our beloved Austin, Texas. Our sister, Jackie Lee Young, was there to join in on all the fun. With sixteen SXSW’s under her wristband, she knew exactly how to manage the frenzied crowds, inspiring street istyle and overwhelming schedule. To our friends at Red Bull, Jackie described it “like riding on a rollercoaster. From the pre-ride jitters, the anticipation of arriving at the crest of the hill, winding the loop, and the absolute elation of feeling something new – and then as fast as you went up, you come down and it’s over. And then you just want to ride it all over again.” And this is why seeing SXSW through Young’s eyes is always special.

Young’s veteran experience shows through all the images she captures. From crowd watching to secret shows to finding her way to the lip of the headliner’s stages – those moments of discovery reveal themselves in every still.

Aside from her personal images, she captured street style for W Magazine, and had fun hanging with our friend Rico Deleon (@ricostudios) for @Budlight’s social scene. Whether you stayed home on purpose or are already missing the party scroll on for a peek back in the scene …

WMAG work:


(Below photos of Jackie Lee Young captured by @ricostudios.)